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Tall Timber

"At Tall Timber, a wilderness camp and retreat center, we understand what it feels like to be pulled in too many directions at one time — frequently feeling overwhelmed — regularly linked to a device.

We believe we are made for something more, for community, to be seen, heard, loved, known.

Come see what God has in store for you. Reconnect with who you were uniquely made to be — at camp. Make the choice to experience time free from screens. Here, in God’s stunning wilderness setting, you will experience meaningful connections, rest and renewal."

MVPC sends elementary, middle, and high school students to camp at Tall Timber each summer, using scholarships and fundraising so that all who want to attend are able to attend.  We also encourage families to attend their family summer and winter camps, support the camp through mission giving, and have a church member serving on the board.

Please check out their website to find out

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