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Pastor Rev. Dan Holland

Parish Associate Rev. Dr. Larry Cole

Director of Children & Family Ministries

Rebecca Holland

Director of Music Ministry

Joshua VerHalen

Ministry Facilitator/Office Coordinator

Barbara Koozer

Nursery Attendant

Courtney Hazelwood


Bill DeHon

David Gale

Becky Goodell

Bob Higbee

Bob Rauch

Lou Cheney

Chris Hoke

Bruce Lavers

Anne Long

Mary Ellen Byerly

Gail LaFleur

Joe Seabott


Tracy Hall

Wendy Bartholomew

Rosemary Gale

Colleen Higbee

Arlene Andersen

Ruth Neal

Danya Wolf

Connie Bowser

Sumiko Reamer

Sandi Seabott

Tom Howard

Mount Vernon Presbyterian Church

1511 East Broadway Street * Mount Vernon WA 98274

Church Office:  360 - 424 - 7675 or mvpc @ Hours Mon-Fri 9-3pm CLOSED DURING COVID-19